Wright Metallic Garden Stool

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18"h x 14"d
100% Ceramic
Wright Metallic Garden Stool - Modern House Furnishings

The beautiful ceramic Wright Metallic Garden Stool adds a touch of functional glamour to any setting. Whether you use it as an accent table or extra seat, it will surely inspire your decor.

Here is a brand new work of art for you, but this time, with some functionality. This brand new garden stool is made out of a durable ceramic, featuring a joyful, bubbly texture. To finish it off, it's finished in shiny metallic. This stool can make for a variety of uses, such as a display table, or as a seat on its own. If you do so please, you can even just show it off on its own. It is sure to make any environment shine and any guest admire it's shining beauty. Add some functionality to your art with this stool today.