Wall Decor

Wall Decor

You have picked out your dream furniture for your home, so what do you do next? Accessorize, of course! It is one of our favorite words here at Outrageous Interiors. No matter how much you love your furniture, your room will not be complete without the perfect accessories to match your style.


We have found that the best way to add your own personal touch and make a statement in your home is through wall decor, and we have plenty for you to choose from to enhance your room to match your style.


It is time to take advantage of your empty wall space by adding any of our framed and frameless art to brighten up your space. Check out Outrageous Interior’s wide variety of framed art prints and sets. We guarantee you will find the pieces most suitable for your room. From stunning prints to timeless and elegant oil paintings, we have just the right painting to add to your home. We carry everything from cityscapes and landscapes to abstract and still life framed prints.


If you consider your style to be more contemporary and hip, we have an amazing selection of wall decor for you to choose from. Some of our favorite pieces to accessorize with at Outrageous Interiors include more modern wall art that will be sure to make your walls a masterpiece. With pieces made from iron to metal and everything in between, your walls will become a statement of your trendy personality with our wall decor.


Some of our other wall art ranges from modern with a unique geometric twist to classic, western style wooden pieces. No matter your style, we have the right pieces for you to complete the look of any wall space.


While you are searching for the perfect pieces to highlight your furniture and add a special touch to your walls, make sure to take a look at our wide variety of mirrors that will most certainly give your home the look that you desire. We have styles to match all our clients’ different tastes. Are you looking for a mirror with an aged and traditional look to complete your room or hallway? Look no further; we have plenty to choose from. Maybe you are searching for a pop of color to add to your walls and think that a fun, bright mirror might be the best way to do it? We have a great selection of color-framed mirrors to choose from as well. We will make sure that whatever you choose will compliment your style and fulfill your home decorating desires.


If you err on the simpler and smaller side of accessories, we have just the right pieces for you to fill your home with. Not only do we carry beautiful shelves and brackets to display your precious family heirlooms, but our clocks and wall sconces will be the perfect match for your taste and style. They come in all different shapes, sizes and styles and we guarantee you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for in our huge selection of inventory.


If you are ready to start accessorizing your home on your own, visit our online room planner and start getting creative or let one of our many talented designers help you add that special touch to your home.