Triple Beaded, Vanity Mirror

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35.125 h X 23.125 w X 1.5 d (inches)
Triple Beaded, Vanity Mirror

Frame Features A Silver Leaf Finish With Light Gray Glaze. Mirror Is Beveled. May Be Hung Horizontal Or Vertical.

A rectangle trinity amassed upon beautiful opal gloss. Reflecting towards every aspect of perfection. The fully enforced metallic frame can be formed to fit universal directions. There is no disappointment as it shows meticulous design featuring a silver leaf finish and natural materials including wood as well as gesso. The creation of this reflecting perfection is not simply of machine but of earth as every thing besought from this beveled object. This is not an object, this is more. It is a sight beheld of shine, beheld of the finest craftsmanship. The innermost truths are and will be withheld within its very design.