Tides Edge Abstract Art

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71.375 h X 21.375 w X 1.5 d (inches)
Tides Edge Abstract Art

The Neutral Tones Used In This Hand Painted Artwork On Canvas, Make It Work In Any Setting. The Canvas Is Stretched And Applied To Wooden Stretchers Then Encased In A Silver Leaf Gallery Frame. Due To The Handcrafted Nature Of This Artwork, Each Piece May Have Subtle Differences.

With a sense of edgy contemplation and infinite dreamlike vision, this piece of home decoration is perfect for hanging on the wall of any office or home that seeks to spark the deeper thoughts and existential question in life. There are so many thoughts that come to mind from just looking at this piece. Is it a representation of a water fall with mountains in the background? Does it make one feel chilly breezes on the skin with its grey tones and colors. Does the panoramic framing of the painting make a person feel small and pleasantly isolated from the crash and rush of everyday life? Or, does it just deserve to be observed and enjoyed for the unexplained mystery it adds to any wall space, no matter what the color, because grey goes with almost everything? This piece of abstract art is made from pine, canvas and acrylic. It dimensions, in inches, are 71. 375 height, 21. 375 width, and 1. 5 depth.