Tall Leaves Framed Art Set/2

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39.875 h X 15.875 w X 1.75 d (inches)
Tall Leaves Framed Art Set/2

Frames Featuring A Reclaimed Wood Look With Heavy Taupe And Gray Glaze Accent These Prints. Inner Lips Are Champagne Silver. Prints Are Under Glass.

This naturalistic piece of artwork would bring the calmness and simplistic aura of the outside world into your own haven, blurring the lines of inside and outside, earth and hearth. This selection features two leaves, framed in slightly weathered wood. The leaves are similar and yet different. They both are bluish gray in hue on a background of light blue. Both leaves point upward and appear to be two halves of one whole. However, the left leaf is paler in color and has mostly straight lines emanating from a central stem. In contrast, the right leaf is darker in color and appears to have little cells with nuclei of different sizes doting the interior. Stunning alone, but complimentary and intriguing together, this set of framed leaves will bring a sense of peace and zen to all who view them.