Special Day

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Oil, Acrylic
Special Day

Special Day is oil and acrylic on canvas.

This beautiful art will fill your home with elegance and desire. Suitable style for dens, bedrooms, or even bathrooms. Neutral colors pull this piece together in a style that can not be resisted. Dark, sweeping lines gives a unique feel, demonstrating that the artist had passion with every brush stroke. Staring at this gives joy, calmness, and just the right bit of edginess. All who lay eyes on this masterpiece will be astounded by the uniqueness. Great for weddings, birthdays, or just special occasions - this is suited for any and all. Try hanging it above a fireplace mantle to bring conversation into the room. Place it near a wardrobe for inspiration and clarity. Keep it in the bathroom for all to admire. A piece like this just can be overlooked, it is an eye-catcher each and every time. Perfect for art studios, lecture halls, and cafeterias. Appropriate for all ages and lifestyles.