Siam Metal Candlelight Wall Sculpture

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48 h X 47.75 w X 5.25 d (inches)
Siam Metal Candlelight Wall Sculpture

Made From Hand Forged Metal, This Decorative Wall Sculpture Is Also A Wall Sconce Finished In Rust Brown. Stained Candles Included.

These days, it seems very difficult to find things for your home that not only make it look nice, but are also efficient in some type of way. Well, a product like has finally been found, and it comes in the form of a candlelight sculpture! This beautiful wall sculpture is made from hand-forged iron, making sure that it is able to withstand any damage done to it. The rust-brown finish and the overall design of the sculpture gives it a unique, antique look that will stand out in any room that it's put into. It also comes equipped with candle holders to not only help light the room up some more, but to bring out the beauty of the sculpture even more! The flames of the candles will bring out the shine of the sculpture, adding to it's aesthetic beauty. Dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, or even bathrooms, this gorgeous candlelight sculpture is sure to bring life to any wall that it's hanging on.