Sherise Brushed Nickel Oval Mirror

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32 h X 22 w X 1.75 d (inches)
Metal & Glass
Sherise Brushed Nickel Oval Mirror

This Oval Mirror Features A Frame Made Of Hand Forged Metal With A Brushed Nickel Finish. Mirror Is Beveled. This Mirror May Be Hung Vertical Or Horizontal.

Featuring hand-forged metal and a brushed nickel finish this is a contemporary/modern take on your Grandma's old oval mirror. With the versatility to be mounted in any direction the uses for this premium mirror are endless. The luminous pearl-esce beaded border is subtle but recognizable, this mirror truly bridges the gap between high quality and minimalism. Manufactured by Uttermost you may rest assured that you will be receiving a quality product in this case one that can bring a note of elegance into any room it is placed in.