Selden Steel Mirror

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45.25 h X 33.25 w X 2.25 d (inches)
Mirror,Mdf,Galvanized Steel,Fir
Selden Steel Mirror

Aged, Solid Wood Inner And Outer Frame Encasing A Sloped Galvanized Steel Center. Mirror Has A Generous 1 1/4" Bevel. May Be Hung Horizontal Or Vertical.

A simple framed mirror can open any room. This mirror is large and rectangular and has a large beveled edge that adds depth to the mirror. The frame is large with a dual layered effect featuring an outer frame and an inner frame. The base of the frame is wooden and distressed to a light brown finish that gives the mirror an aged effect. The inner frame is surrounded by the outer frame and is made of steel that has a galvanized finish, adding further dimension to this simple, but elegant mirror. The mirror is structured such that it can be hung either length-wise or width-wise, meaning that this mirror is versatile enough to fit onto most free wall spaces and with more most design styles.