Hand Loomed

Hand Loomed Rugs

Finding the right accessories to add to your home has never been easier than when you shop at Outrageous Interiors. We are known for our incredible selection of home decor and accessories that will turn your house into the dream home that you have always wanted. At Outrageous Interiors, we are committed to making sure that the various rooms throughout your home serve as an extension of your personal taste and style.

Area rugs are a fashionable but often overlooked way to add style throughout your home. The right area rug can tie your room together and accent your beautiful furniture in a variety of different ways. Our selection of area rugs cannot be beat.

Hand Loomed rugs are a beautiful and popular way to add your personal touch to your living room, dining room and bedroom. We have an amazing inventory of hand loomed rugs and we guarantee you will be able to find the right rug for your rooms as you shop at Outrageous Interiors. The gorgeous wool, hand loomed rugs will add a unique touch in any room throughout your home. Our inventory of hand loomed rugs also includes reversible options for convenience and additional style.

With the wide variety of area rugs to choose from, it will be hard for you to pick just one. Our extensive selection of area rugs come in many different shapes, colors, textures, styles and designs, and it may seem overwhelming to find the right one. You have no reason to worry, because our amazing team at Outrageous Interiors is eager to help! Our associates know our inventory like the back of their hands and will be able to help you find the exact area rug you are looking to add to your home. Visit us at any of our four metro Atlanta location for the friendliest staff as well as the best selection of home decor and accessories.