Ribbed Arch Antique Mirror

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29 W X 45 H X 2 D (in)
Ribbed Arch Antique Mirror

Crackled Antique Black With Antique Gold Trim.

This regal mirror is the perfect accent or even focal point for your living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Picture this mirror greeting visitors in your entry way, or maybe imagine it hanging in your master bedroom where it will surely bring out a romantic and rich feel. This large sized mirror which is 45 inches by 29 inches, has an antique finish with a detailed arch. The mirror, which is framed by black ripples and gold boarder is elegant yet simple. It's neutral abilities will lend exactly what you need to your home decor. Dress it up or dress it down, you simply must consider this gorgeous piece! Buy this fantastic black and gold mirror at a steal for only just over three hundred dollars! This product will surely be the envy of all of your guests and everyone will be dying to know just where you got this fantastic piece!