Perryman Galvanized Tub on Stand

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31.75"h x 20.25"w x 20.25"
100% Iron
Perryman Galvanized Tub on Stand - Modern Furniture And Decor

Perfect for entertaining among many other uses, this galvanized tub features a raised design to keep drinks ice cold and within easy reach in an aged style that brings back memories of the old days.

The item is a tub that has been galvanized. It is a grey and rectangular tub. The rectangular tub has two handles on the sides that are oval shaped. The tub is sitting on top of a table that has for legs. The table seems to be made of the same material as the tub. The legs have triangle shapes going down them. Also, the legs of the table have no protection for the floor. They just have pointy metal that touches the floor. The tub on top of the four legged table has vertical lines going up and down on the sides.