Neptunes Garden Framed Art Set/4

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28.125 h X 28.125 w X 0.5 d (inches)
Neptunes Garden Framed Art Set/4

Prints Are Outlined With Metallic Accents. Frames Feature A Champagne Silver Leaf Base With A Light Brown Glaze.

Let the power of the ocean and the beauty of the see sweep you away with this trendy and whimsical home decor. Four gorgeous sea inspired prints, showing the symmetry and elegance of the oceans natural life. The prints are set in a silver leaf base, added with just a touch of light brown dusting, giving it a natural shine. Each piece is complimented by metallic accents, mixing the look of quiet sea cottage with eclectic art deco. This piece if perfect for showcasing that low key, beach bum feel, while still mixing in the look of high class artwork. The frames are set up two by four fashion, each print is unique in its self, but keeps a similar style and feel. The pieces are the perfect size to place on an accent wall in the living room, a guest room or even as a focal point in a dinning room. They are crafted with impeccable eye for detail, designed to please even the most crucial of eyes, and created to be an aesthetically pleasing piece of focal artwork. Perfect for the beach bum at heart.