Napa Barrel Table

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24.25"h x 16.5"d
90% Fir Wood, 10% Wrought Iron
Napa Barrel Table - Rustic French Decor

Not only does this rustic wine barrel add an interesting side table, it opens to reveal an interior wine rack for storing favorite reserves.

If you are looking for a perfect centerpiece that is both functional and an easy conversation starter, then this table might just be for you. The barrel table immediately catches the eye of any wine enthusiast and draws in the attention of the curious. The slight wear of the iron rivets and the distress of the Fir wood make it seem as if it was once in a winery and has been through a lot which add to the authentic ambiance of the overall table. Your guests will be even more amazed when they fiddle around with the door and realize that the table also serves as a wine rack for your finest spirits. The easily movable table may even earn you non-removable stares of envy as your friends and guests second guess you as a connoisseur for owning such a tasteful piece. This piece will surely elevate the interior design of any room.