Matty Mirrored Cube Table

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18 h X 16 w X 16 d (inches)
Mdf & Antique Mirror
Matty Mirrored Cube Table

Aged Black Cube With Red Undertones, Faceted With Antiqued Mirrors.

Some tables are just plain boring to look at. Four legs and wood are simply not creative enough for most minds to look at in amazement. Well, this table from Outrageous Interiors is here to shake the game up, and in a big way. This table is a massive departure from your standard all wood, four legs, flat top approach. This table is a cube, and not just any ordinary cube, but a mirrored cube! That's right. Each side is mirrored. Whatever you set on this tabletop is reflected on the surface. This is definitely a table that stands out from all the rest, and there is no reason to not have it.