Makura Beveled Mirror

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08052 B
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33 h X 27 w X 2.5 d (inches)
Glass & Mdf
Makura Beveled Mirror

This Mirror Features A Generous, 1 1/4" Beveled Center Mirror Accented By Numerous Beveled Mirrors Creating The Mirror's Frame. May Be Hung Either Horizontal Or Vertical.

Who wouldn't want this gorgeous beveled mirror in their home? It's clean lines and modern, yet classic look are sure to make this piece the focal point in your space. This piece is perfect for your bedroom, living room or even in your bathroom. All of your guests are sure to comment on this unique and wonderful mirror. Imagine this mirror hanging in your living room. It offers a coolness you won't find anywhere else. Hang it over the fire place or maybe over a sofa. It will bring in plenty of light and offer the illusion of a larger space. Everyone will notice it. Everyone will want to know just where you found such a spectacular piece. Without a doubt, this will be the first thing your guests will notice. Whether your room is modern, vintage or somewhere in between, this mirror will suit your home decor needs. For such a reasonable price, you can't afford not to purchase this piece!