Josiah Square Wooden Wall Art

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26.875 h X 26.875 w X 2 d (inches)
Branch , Rattan, Fir
Josiah Square Wooden Wall Art

This Decorative Wall Art Features Real Wooden Branches With Burnished Edges And Light Gray Accents Woven Onto A Wooden Frame.

When given the right treatment, wood can look absolutely stunning, and this is the exact approach that went into making this new piece of wall art for the Outrageous Interiors webstore. Featuring real wooden branches and light gray accents along with a centerpiece that just pops out, all of this is woven onto a wooden frame. Overall, this sculpture has the appearance of the core of a tree along with its roots. For lovers of nature, this may just be a must have, and for lovers of art overall, this is definitely a must have. Add some natural beauty to your walls with this one.