Henry Adjustable Metal Work Table

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33"h x 49"w x 17.75"
100% Iron
Henry Adjustable Metal Work Table - Rustic Cottage Decor

Sleek, with undeniable industrial influence, this adjustable table features a smooth work surface with a metal wire basket for storing supplies. Neither short on style nor functionality, this table has a variety of uses.

Use your inspiration and talent with this solid streamlined designed work table. This sturdy table has a multitude of features that you will want to use in your everyday crafting and tasks. This metal work table is adjustable to form to your height requirements and features a metal basket built in for easy storage. You will enjoy the quality and functionality this table offers. Feel at ease to create your most incredible ideas with the support to handle your work space! Whether you enjoy doing delicate projects or large intricate undertakings, you have a lot of versatility with the use of this table. It is a fine piece of furniture that you can be proud of in looks and in use for your personal works of almost any kind. Hand crafted items, as well as computer work, electrical and woodworking are just a few of the things you can work on easily and comfortably! Imagine all the productive inspiration you will have incorporating this item with your genius!