Gilli Glass Decorative Containers, Set/2

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25.5 h X 6.5 w X 6.5 d (inches)
Gilli Glass Decorative Containers, Set/2

Not Only Are These Containers Pretty, Made From Transparent Pale Green Glass; They Are Also Multi-functional. Use Them To Display Colorful Beads Or Remove The Lids And Use As A Vase For Those Special Cut Flowers Or Simply Display Them As They Are. Sizes: Sm 6x21x6, Lg 7x26x7

It always looks just plain pretty when you've got some nice glass decor in your home. Whether it be something like a vase, a chandelier, any other decorative light fixture, or a highly detailed glass sculpture. Outrageous Interiors now has something to add to that line. These decorative containers are a transparent, pale green glass, and can be used in a variety of ways. The sky is the limit with how you want to use them. If you want to use them to hold flowers, displays for any type of collectible that fits in them, or simply just show them off as they are, this is the perfect piece of glass decor for anyone looking for it.