Chairs & Benches

Chairs & Benches

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and at Outrageous Interiors, we are committed to making it beautiful and trendy with our furniture and incredible selection of home décor and accessories. There is no better place to gather around with family and friends than your kitchen or dining room table, but you should have a place for them to sit. With our kitchen and dining room chairs and benches, comfort and chic style meet and will add the seating you need for your guests.

We have seen our clients get creative by mixing and matching different styles of chairs that surround their kitchen or dining room table, and we love the contemporary twist it can add to your home. Interior design does not always mean matching and simple. We have found that it usually means creative and unique, pushing your safe comfort zone a little bit when it comes to the style you choose for your home.

Try adding a bench on one side of your kitchen table for a different type of seating around your table. This modern twist of adding seating around your table has become one of our favorites in the kitchens and dining rooms of our client’s homes. We maintain an amazing inventory of great choices in benches for you to choose from.

Our inventory consists of chairs with arm rests or ones without. We carry decorative chairs made completely from hardwood or ones designed with beautiful fabric to accent your table. From tufted upholstered fabric to country cottage style chairs, our selection will not leave you disappointed. Coastal to transitional and any style you could wish for, we have what you need at Outrageous Interiors.

Shop for your beautiful new chairs and benches today and checkout with confidence knowing that you have shopped with the best in the business. If you are in need of a little bit of help when it comes to creating the desired look you have for your home, our designers are more than happy to help. We offer complimentary interior design services and have some of the most talented designers at your disposal. Call us or visit any of our four stores to set up a consultation with any of our amazing designers and start making your interior design dreams a reality.