Bedroom Furniture

Shop for your bedroom furniture at Outrageous Interiors! Here at Outrageous, we believe that your bedroom is your sanctuary, your hideaway and your temporary escape from reality, and we have everything you need to make it your own.

We offer a variety of styles to create your own beautiful retreat. Our elegant King and Queen sized beds will make you feel like the royalty you really are as you fall into your deep sleep each night and will be the perfect centerpiece for your bedroom. Whether you are looking for a rustic, wooden look such as our beautiful bed frames made from Mango Wood to complete your bedroom, or a sleeker, more elegant bed to be the focal point of your sanctuary, we have styles to fulfill your desires and give you sweet dreams as you fall asleep each night.

Are you looking for the perfect dresser to store your wardrobe? We offer a wide variety of sizes, styles, materials and colors to allow you to easily find the ideal chest or dresser to complete your bedroom. We have everything from traditional vintage style chests made from poplar and hardwood to unique pieces constructed from beautiful and unique reclaimed wood. These chests and dressers will complement your exceptional room style and help keep your clothes clean and organized.

We also offer nightstands that will be the perfect place to store your reading materials, lamps and alarm clocks. Our nightstands come in a variety of shapes and sizes and we have styles to match our beds as well as our chests and dressers to tie in your bedroom completely and give you the look you desire. If you’re looking for a modern piece to rest your reading materials on before you go to sleep, we have plenty of contemporary pieces that will compliment your hip style. But if you are looking for a traditional reclaimed pine look with strong, farmhouse lines we would point you towards a few of our other unique pieces. Shop our beautiful nightstands and bedside tables to create a balanced and complete look in your bedroom.

Our benches and ottomans will be the perfect addition to your bedroom. If you are looking for seating and storage options or a pop of color to add to your room, we have you covered with our benches and ottomans. These pieces can be used as a vanity stool, as storage for your miscellaneous items or as footrests when you want to kick your feet up and relax. Our styles range from classic tufted pieces to intricate designs and details to make your bedroom everything you want it to be and more.

We love to accessorize at Outrageous Interiors and we know that you do too. If you are looking for the perfect wall decor to tie your bedroom furniture together or to add a slight pop of color, we have tons of beautiful pieces that will be the perfect addition to any bedroom. Shop our framed and frameless art, mirrors, and metal wall decor to decorate your walls in a style that fits you.

Visit our online room planner to start planning your perfect escape today or let one of our many talented designers help you create the bedroom you have always dreamed of.