Foliage Round Silver Leaf Mirror

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36 h X 36 w X 2.25 d (inches)
Foliage Round Silver Leaf Mirror

Frame Features Layered, Natural Leaves Covered In Distressed Silver Leaf With Light Antiquing. Mirror Is Beveled.

Create space in a room with a mirror that symbolizes nature, health, and beauty. Authentic natural-looking leaves are organized around the circumference of a beveled mirror in a pattern that has both variety and repetition. The leaves are covered in silver leaf which provides a look of elegance when gazing into the mirror. Normally a look that is gaudy, this silver leafing is distressed to further push the thematic tones of nature and the inherent fortune of life with a realistic touch. Light antiquing is applied to the mirror to give layers of style that would increase any look where the piece is placed. The piece both reminds the space of an adventure once taken in nature, or the nature that is right outside the very door. Bring the sublime that is nature into a space and reflect the aesthetic derived from this theme both inside and outside. Classical in design, rustic in approach, and divine in theme, this mirror allows the hidden beauty of nature to be discovered with every gaze.