Elias Bronze And Gold Wall Art

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60.25 h X 40.375 w X 2 d (inches)
Uttermost Elias Bronze And Gold Wall Art, Cottage Decor and Contemporary Living Room Furniture at Outrageous Interiors

A Fun Combination Of Iron Circles And Rectangles Finished In Rich, Brushed Bronze And Gold Leaf. A Striking Design To Complete Any Setting. May Be Hung Horizontal Or Vertical.

This is a combination set of artwork containing circles and rectangles made of the finest bronze and gold leaf (paint) found this side of the tropic of capricorn. Hanging these on your wall will ensure that anyone who visits your home will recognize you as someone who recognizes beauty in the abstract. Hang these pieces of artwork in any orientation being horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or outright from a string hanging from the ceiling. Doing so will convince any onlooker that you truly are one to make a bold statement. This set of artwork is a striking design which mimics the gold rings of the olympic games. Use this every 4 years when it comes out of storage to show your admiration of the worlds greatest amateur athletes. Hang this set of rings and rectangles by the side of your Roman inspired decorated pool. The color and atmosphere brought by this decor will inspire any individual swimming in your pool to bring out their toga and have a party.