Dust Storm Abstract Art

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60 h X 40 w X 2 d (inches)
Dust Storm Abstract Art

Hand Painted Artwork On Canvas Featuring Shades Of Blues, Grays And Silver Leaf Accents. Due To The Handcrafted Nature Of This Artwork, Each Piece May Have Subtle Differences.

Swirling hues of muted brown tinged with a hint of marbled slate blue is hand painted on canvas and is the finest rendering of modern abstract art. Each composition is singularly unique and painstakingly handcrafted by the artist. Its dimensions are formidable, befitting a work of this stature. This piece is truly a visual explosion of color and form coalescing into a dramatic and memorable picture. Is it a luminous and majestic granite bedrock or the self-titled dust storm? That is the infinite magnificence of abstract art! Its interpretation is intensely personal. In addition, it is easily affordable; there is nothing abstract or inaccessible about its price! Purchase a pair and they will become a prized focal point of endless conversation and spirited debate at your next dinner party or family gathering. Of course it arrives ready to mount and assume its prestigious place of honor on the wall of your choosing. Enjoy!