Cassander Double Glass Print Wall Art - Set of 4

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30"h x 14.5"w x .5"
70% Mdf, 30% Iron
Cassander Double Glass Print Wall Art  - Contemporary Classic Furniture

Lovely botanical sketches embraced between two glass panels appear to float above any surface. This set of four prints is vintage, classy, shabby chic, and elegantly framed in a light wash Scandinavian style wood frame.

These four double glass prints will bring a touch of class to any room! These prints are botanical sketches of four different flowering plants, all aligned for vertical hanging. The four prints can be hung very close together for a classic feel, or spread throughout a room or even a house to bring a motif to each wall. Each piece of art is 30" high by 14. 5" wide, giving the option of creating a horizontal feel if they are all hung together or a vertical feel if hung separately - even a square look if two are hung together! So they absolutely fit in any space, and the classic sketch / faded background of the artwork can be used in different decors - from shabby chic to vintage to classy. Each print is framed in a beautiful light wash Scandinavian-style wood frame and nestles between two panes of glass, giving the appearance of the plants floating. You'll enjoy these prints for years and years, in any setting!