Caspian Vanilla Sky Rug

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Caspian Vanilla Sky Rug
Multi-dimensional patterns with broad appeal, our Caspian rugs are woven by hand from 100% premium wool and creatively designed in a flat Soumak-style weave. The attractive textural effect stems from a combination process of flat and herringbone weaves that imparts a three-dimensional look and feel to both sides of each rug. More sizes available.

This gorgeous rug will add life to any space, especially if placed at a well-used entry door or even hung on a wall in a noticeable location. The variety of patterns on the rug's warm vanilla color is sure to draw jealous gazes. The rug itself is made from high-quality wool, meaning that is sure to last for many years. The beautiful designs on the rug come from high-quality stitching and weaving that leaves a luxurious look and feel to the rug, making your guests wonder where such an item came from.