Carey Galvanized Urns - Set of 2

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14-17"h x 15.5-24"d
100% Iron Galvanized
Carey Galvanized Urns  - Classic Room Decor

This oversized set of two urn planters, made of galvanized metal, is a perfect pair to add style to any entryway.

This is a set of two beautiful Carey Galvanized Urns. These urns are very sturdy and are made of one hundred percent galvanized steel. The steel used in the construction is of the highest quality and these urns were manufactured with the highest care. They are made to last a lifetime of use. You will never have to buy another set of planters again! These sturdy planters will make a great addition to any interior entrance way. living quarters, den, or sun room. The classic look at construction will take you back to a time when things were made to last! Place them anywhere you would like to add a touch of class to your home or business! These urns look great in most anyplace you would like to add planters to a room's decor. The urns are fourteen to seventeen inches in height and have a diameter of fifteen and a half to twenty four inches.