Baku Wooden Tray

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3.1 h X 26 w X 18 d (inches)
Recycled Pine,Plywood/Iron
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Uttermost Baku Wooden Tray, Modern Decor Online and Modern Furniture Bedroom at Outrageous Interiors

Expected release date is Mar 14, 2020

Ornate, Natural Reclaimed, Pine Wood Tray With A Light Gray Glaze And Aged Iron Accents.

Decorative trays are increasingly difficult to come by these days. Many people love them in their homes, usually to use as displays for other decorative items, or in some cases, even just to show them off as they are. Outrageous Interiors has a new product in this category that is sure to catch some eyes. This wooden tray is made of recycled pine and plywood, with bold iron accents and handles. If you're a person who enjoys owning decorative trays, then you will no doubt have a new addition to your collection in this new wooden tray. Get it while you can!