Athanas Alabaster Lamp

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29 h X 17 w X 10 d (inches)
Athanas Alabaster Lamp

White Alabaster Base Accented With Plated Coffee Bronze Details. The Double Shade Is A Sheer Outer Hardback With A White Linen Inner Hardback.

The Arthanas Alabaster Lamp can be yours for a bargain price. This unique lamp is unlike any other and boasts many wonderful and amazing features. It can make your dining room look spectacular, or your bedroom. There is not any place that this lamp will not fit in. You will not want to wait to get this product. If you are buying a house for the first time, or renting an apartment for the first time, then this lamp will go perfectly into your new place. This lamp will truly make your home feel peaceful and welcoming. A lot of people do not have the right lamp for their home. People settle for less than what they deserve. There is no lamp quite like this one and you will know that once you buy it. This lamp is very unique and offers a brand new look to any home. It will not disappoint.