Alita Woven Metal Mirror

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37 h X 37 w X 3.5 d (inches)
Rattan Iron
Alita Woven Metal Mirror

Mirror Features A Metal Frame With Black Woven Metal Details. Mirror Has A Generous 1 1/4" Bevel.

A decorative mirror is both beautiful and useful. This mirror is medium sized and round-shaped. The mirror glass has a large, but simple beveled edge. The frame of the mirror is relatively thick and is made of metal. The frame features deep black metal that has been forged in the shape of strips that are woven together to create a rich and textured frame. The haphazard weave of the metal and the slightly weathered strips create a delicate effect that keeps the mirror homey and rustic, while maintaining a sophisticated look. This mirror is a great piece to both brighten a room or a hallway and add texture and dimension without clashing with the color of the wall or the decoration in the rest of your home.