Alanna Frameless Vanity Mirror

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08027 B
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34 h X 22 w X 2 d (inches)
Glass & Mdf
Alanna Frameless Vanity Mirror

This Frameless Mirror Is Constructed Of Stepped, Bevel Mirrors With Polished Edges For A Smooth, Clean Finish. Center Mirror Has A Generous 1 1/4" Bevel. May Be Hung Either Horizontal Or Vertical.

To see without boundaries. To not be confined to one view. To see beyond constraint. That is what you will be thinking when you gaze into this frames mirror. With beveled edges you impress your guests and create a conversation piece. What could you see if you were not confined? What could you do if there were no boundaries? You will wonder. You will decide you can be more than you are. This classy mirror is meant to be in your house. There will be no need to add further decorations to this centerpiece. It is enough on its own. The Alanna Frameless Vanity Mirror is exactly what you need over your vanity.